Wednesday, July 02, 2008

About Kimi

Although she wasn't at home for just one day, but I really miss her. Knowing that she will be less active after the surgery, so the day before she went for surgery, I let her play and run kau kau. The following weeks she won't be able to do that. So unleashed her in the balcony, she ran here and there like nobody business. There's a small little pool in my balcony, I filled in water to let her "swim" lo, but I don't think she likes it, haha, she is quite scared of it.

I asked her to sit in the pool (the water level is not very deep), when she feels her butt touches the water she stand straight again, haha, cute

I dunno how did I get to capture this shot

Well, though she didn't really get to swim, but then she tried something she never before. She was tired, slept quite well at night. So on the 1st of July (also my mum's birthday), I sent her to the clinic and she has to stay there for one night.

Kimi: Hmmm, today mami bring me go "where kai kai" ler...?

Mami: Darling, today you have to go to clinic stay for one night good ok, mami will take you home tomorrow..

Kimi: Yoh...then I mah cannot watch Astro On Demand lor...wasted la...Luckily got repeat..

While we were in the clinic, there're other patients (two German Shephards and a Chihuahua puppy), as usual, this Kimi barked at the GSD to self protect (maybe). Wei wei, your mami can't fight with the two GSD lo, you don't play play here. About 15 minutes later, I passed Kimi to Dr. Yip and he said come back and take her home tomorrow at the same time like today. Then I left. When I was inside my car, I teringat I forgot to kiss her goodbye!!! Gila, I even forgot to say bye to her. What la me...Feel so bad.

2nd of July.

Felt not well in the morning, so Bernard offered to take Kimi home in the noon. She looked so exhausted! Doctor said that's normal, she'll become less active for the following days. She waved her tail when she saw me..She is advised to stay in the cage for the coming week and I noticed her eyes were swollen..I didn't take any picture of her yet, she needs rest.

She is back and she is fine.


u guess said...

it is really glad that kimi isback finally. although that it is only one day that she has been away, but i think both of us feel that it is so difficult to pass that one day. now we can breath that she is back without much problem. just hope that she will recover to her usual as soon as possible. thanks the doctor for the good job... everything is fine now!!! phiew!!!

Anonymous said...

aiyo..this kimigal so cute 1..i like d 2nd very very cold like tat..wahaha..miss her so much..

c h e l said...

haha, i also love the 2nd pic very much..she is sitting beside me now..i know she want to sleep on my lap so much..but whenever she put her hand on my lap dy she will tarik balik..i think she stretched her incision..
so cham...

Anonymous said...

Gal..must me as tough as auntie yaa okie!!! love u..hope u recover soon babe..^_^