Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kimi is making me broke

Since I brought Kimi home, my savings has decreased drastically. Drastically, not trying to exaggerate. but my figures in bank used to be very stagnant. Not much floating. But, I have a different story now, the numbers are going down since 19th of February, 2008, the day I brought her home.

Dog food la, chew toys la, necessary or unnecessary, what also feel like buying for her. Crate also bought two ler, from small to big. So friends out there who wished to raise a puppy, go further with this blog to have a reference.

Dog biscuit is a must for them, of course, you can always consume can food for you fur kid. That would be more costly than dog biscuit for sure, I'm not very sure whether the can food make your doggie more healthy or energetic 'coz I only provide my doggies dog biscuits. But then I guess can food should be more delicious than biscuits huh, at least more juicy la. Kimi used to try can food for about 4 days, that's when she was having diarrhea, the vet advice to feed her with this less oily can food, couldn't recall the brand. Wah, the meat really smell like our luncheon meat lo, no wonder Kimi was so crazy for it! A significant changes I noticed from consuming can food is, Kimi's size was like grow from small to medium. Maybe I fed her too much? I was just following the vet's instruction...She is really an oversize 6 months old puppy ler, so I have been controlling her diet since then. I'll still feed her can food in the future, I guess that would be when she grown into adult, when the size is stagnant then only feed her that la, let her change 口味 also good. (Kimi is clapping her both hands and feet)

Other than dog food, vitamins can also be provided for your doggie. There're many types of vitamins that you can found in a pet shop, ermm, for better and healthier hair, for stronger bones and joints, depends on what breed of dog you are having or what your dog needs. And also heartworm pills, pills that prevent your dog from getting heartworm. And oh yah, please don't forget their vaccinations and consultation fees IF doggies are sick. (Touch wood..touching..).

Apart from that, like water dispenser ar (it's not a must as you can fill their bowl with water, too, but I think by using a dispenser the water is more clean, free of dusts or other dirts, or their own hairs), bowls are not expensive stuff, so is still Ok to get them one.

Next, shampoos, there are different types of course, Kimi is currently using super white hairs one, I think it's effective, she has glowing white hair especially after bath, hoho. Nail clipper, I bought one at RM 4.90, hmm, is low cost one la, but I think for small breed dog is good enough, 'coz their nails are not very hard, so it's Ok to use a normal nail clipper.

Other things like toothpaste and toothbrush, it's really optional, of course it's not a must, but it will definitely be better if you keep your furkid's teeth clean, especially their gums. Well, I did bought Kimi toothpaste and toothbrush, but I think the brush is totally out. It's abit large for a small breed dog I guess, that's the smallest I can find in that pet shop. I thought it was Ok for Kimi but I was wrong. So now what I do is put the toothpaste on a wet cloth and wipe her teeth and gum. She loves the taste of the toothpaste, she is just greedy la her. Kimi also needs tear stain remover because maltese tends to have serious tear stain problem (Kimi is not very serious though), you can remove the eye dirt with a wet cloth, but then there might still have some stain and odor. I found Kimi is odorless (haha) after applying the remover because the when the tears and eye dirt stick on their hair gave some nasty smell. Ear cleaner as well, dirty ear makes them smelly.

Ok, so these are the necessary things that I think is a must for Kimi. Please share with me if you think I've omitted a must for them.

Unnecessary things like dog bed and dog house (pic on left), I bought, too. If you are looking for dog house like I show in the picture, please re-consider, Kimi doesn't like it, Mike doesn't like it as well. I'm not sure why, but maybe they feel hot inside, they are already hairy enough. Of course I'm sure there are puppies love it, but nobody knows only after you buy it. It's not cheap. Do you wanna take the risk? You might notice dogs love to lie on or rest on soft surface like towel, carpet, cushion or floor mat. So giving towel is good, but if you wanna spoil them like how I spoil Kimi, can give her this.

This dog bed also make my wallet lose much weight, but then Kimi likes it, hehe, then Ok la, no problem dy. Talk about "mm tang sai" thingy, their baju of course is totally unnecessary la, I did bought few for her, but I have a friends who bought more than me, so I think I'm still quite normal on buying shirt. I heard Bangkok has lots of cheap pets fashion, I WANNA GO THERE!!!
Wanna go there so much, waiting for the day to come. Kimi has a few chew toys but I think she loves my slipper more than that. See, not only have to buy her things but sometimes have to pay money for replacing my slipper. She is a real biter.

Another amazing stuff that I am going to spend because of Kimi is glasses, glasses like this?

No. Is my glasses!

I told you she loves to bite! She bite my glasses while I was asleep. See la, one glass fall out. So depressing...

Sumore can see some saliva stain on it...Terrible...

Kimi, you really making your mami broke. I'm not blaming her la, she didn't ask me to buy a single thing for her. Honestly, buying things for her made me happy, am I idiot or what? But I don't feel heart pain, maybe I think is worth it gua...Kimi, mami love you with all I have k, so don't ever bite my things...


joshuaongys said...

wah wen u really become a mom den u sure more broke!! ahahhahah

Suzanne said...

Wah lau, I was planning to buy a toy poodle soon maybe end of this year, seems that if I do not have a stable income I'll be so broke.

Anyway 1st you must teach me how to persuade my aunt to let me keep a dog.

Next, is a cage really necessary?

How to teach the dog to pee and shit (FAST) in few days time?

How much does dog food cost in a month? and how many vaccination need to be done and the cost?

Then .. if dogs like to chew, then my computer wire all gone case if I were to put the dog in my room?

Sigh, I've went to pet shops to have a look at toy poodle, already feel like buying one now.

Anyway, you miss out your handbag (to carry Kimi out) .. Comb?

Suzanne said...

Sorry for the tons of Qs, one day we must go out yam cha and bring your Kimi also, I've never seen her before .. sigh

Help me I'm really dying to buy a dog now ..

c h e l said...

Thanks Suzanne for the comment and Qs!

About persuading ur aunt, must know what she dislike about dogs, then work on the problem. eg. if she dun like dog pee and shit everywhere, then u must train ur dog. my aunt used to discourage me from having dogs, but then now she also so sayang Kimi.So u must do your part well.

For me,cage is necessary because Kimi is not allowed to go here and there in the house as my nephew is still a baby, hygienic problem la.But for u,I think without a cage also ok, imagine your dog follow you here and there in the house, so sweet!! Im dreaming of that.

About toilet train puppies, i didnt toilet train Kimi much, cause she was in cage most of the time when she was very young, so she is used to pee and poo in the cage liao. now when i unleash her, she will pee and poo in cage still. when go outside also won't pee because don't have her smell, unless she really cannot tahan.how u train a dog to pee and poo is by monitoring it when it do its business. normally is 30 mins after meal (this is what i heard from the petshop staff,Kimi need about 5 hours to digest). so when u see ur dog start sniffing here and there, indicates he might wanna pee or poo, so now, bring him to the place where he should do its business, let him stay there, ask him pee or pee, when he does so, praise it kau kau,or give treats to them. have to be consistent. Oh yah,and dogs will pee after they wake up from sleep, just like human.

Dog food for small breed dog wont be too costly. Kimi finished a 3kg pack dog biscuits in about 2-3 months time. each pack cost around RM50. So is still affordable for us. About vaccination, 3 vaccines in the first year, and 1 vaccine for the subsequent year. Each vaccine around RM 35-50.

About chewing,have to be very careful to hide the wire.It dangerous for them also. Kimi still love to chew and bite other than her chew toys. I also very fan lou. But what i heard from others is when you see your dog bites the things that he should not bite, beat him and scold him. Hmm, it might works

Nowadays I didnt bring the pet carrier out, cause Kimi can't fit into the bag dy, so sad..And now without a bag also quite Ok for me.

And thanks for reminding me about combs, haha, hair and fluffy dog needs comb of course! poodle hair must jaga nicely, otherwise very easy get tangled as they are abit curly. So must comb at least once in two days. And if the hair tangled dy must untangled it lo, otherwise they might get hot spots.

hope my answer helps! good luck!

Jellybear said...

yoke may very pro already eh?

next time, if i got the chance to get a dog, pls dont hesitate to help me o...


c h e l said...

sure i will help you! haha, dun afraid of doggies la, they all very cute one

Suzanne said...

Wah lau professional, ever thought of opening a pet shop =P

thanks for taking all the time to answer all my Qs, appreciate it very much ..