Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Healthy Baby

It's too long for Kimi to reappear in my blog again and it's exactly one week after the surgery, she is extremely fine now. I was quite surprise she recovered so fast, actually is within a week, she is able to run and jump again. Still remember the first she back from clinic, so weak, so kesian look ler..

She looked so tired, in fact, she is really tired

And she look different huh, cause her eyes were abit swollen

She has to be in the cage most of the time after the surgery

Staying in the cage is to avoid her run and there, according to the doctor, puppies usually do not feel pain! Why ar? So is also to avoid her to hurt her incision. She used to run and rush out from the cage once I opened the cage, but she just lied down still on the first day. She is still tired and maybe she felt abit painful gua..but then this doesn't last long, the third day she couldn't stand in the cage anymore. This healthy baby girl. I heard that mixed breed dog are usually healthier and smarter huh? Haha.

She is healthy again

And she smiles again

I just taught her another new trick - byebye. So whenever I mentioned byebye, she has to stand still on both of her leg. What? It sounds more like "stand" more than "byebye"? Well, it's because whenever I say bye to her she would stand up and show respect to me mah.


Anonymous said...

like that only ah, by the way i am the 1st one to leave comment so sofa... hahhaha if tak faham then ask beta

c h e l said...

So sofa?? what is that? why you always like to ask me ask beta things
gila la you

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, my babe kimi really looks different right after her surgery. But yeah, again she is back..her "ENERGY" (Hey! Come On..)is back..wahaha..

Wanna see her new stunt so much..miss her and of coz u..^_^

u know said...

go kimi go kimi!!! no problem la her... jump up n down non stop...

joshuaongys said...

go sayang her more la u!! hahahaha

nex time i say byebye to u den u stand up ok?? =)