Friday, August 08, 2008

Jimbaran, Bali

Managed to visit this place nice place - Jimbaran, during we busy and short schedule in Bali. We went to a restaurant on the beach, sitting right beside the seaside. So relaxing, it's really relaxing there. The busy Denpasar Airport is located very near to the restaurant, watching airplanes arriving and departing.

Along this beach there are all restaurants - a tourism hot spot

Of course must do some romantic and funny and 3 8 thing there la.

All of the members

As I mentioned earlier, this restaurant potong us kau kau. We had this dinner for RP 1.6 mil (about RM 580). Must be see us tourist so charged us so unreasonably. This kind of dishonest people will only discourage us from going there again!

The food they served there is super ordinary and the taste is so so only. The name of the restaurant. Hmmm...In face, I have no idea about it. The driver (another bastard) drove us there, thought got what so special. Cheh, I think he wanna earn alot from us, so took us to that kind of rastaurant. I bet the restaurant did give him commissions for bringing customers for them.

The rice there was very dry and hard for me, like very hard to swallow the rice, so we ordered TOM YAM SOUP. Ahem ahem, hello. We ordered TOM YAM SOUP, why give us tomato soup?? Others claimed it taste like bosch soup but I think bosch soup much nicer that the tomota soup lo. And sumore dare to charged us RP 8000 per bowl. We ordered 3, so how many thousand already? RP24000 for such tasteless tomoto sauce + little bit of chili sauce soup. There cost us about RM 100 dy.

The driver. Heh! Apa pun mari when mentioned him. Well, he approached us when we were at the airport. We looking for transportation to our hotel. We need two cars as there are 10 of us. He said RP 200000. Straight away we thought Rp 100000 for each car right? It's normal to think so. Who knows he wanna charge us RP 200000 each car. Luckily we still haven get in the car. So they bargained again, in the end, agreed at RP 160000 each car, which is about RM 57. So we thought is still quite ok la, plus we are hungry and wanted to put our luggage in the hotel so much, so we "seong che" lor. Who knows we really "seong che". When we reached the hotel and enquired about the pricing, the hotel car (Toyoto Inova) only will costs RP 50000 (RM18).

Sumore with Toyota Inova you know, the cheater drivers are illegal drivers actually. The car also lousy, no air-cond lousy old van.

What to do, we already kena tipu. But then we still continue give him tipu wor. Reach hotel dy, we were planning our next destination. We asked the cheater any nice place to go. So he suggest he bring us there lo, RP 50000 for transportations. Then we followed again. The price is lower, much lower indeed. But we never expect the coming dinner is gonna be so mahal.

So you know, go there really cannot simply trust their words. They take advantage of us as we do not know the price over there.


Anonymous said...

Aiyoyo..."yau mou gao cho a"? Like that also can a the driver? Take his picture down ma..then post we wont kena tipu next time...instead tipu him...wahaha..(he got what to tipu o?)..he charge so damn expensive, sumore lousy condition van, illegal still? so "goh fan"...then sumore bring ppl to those restaurant...celaka!!!

Anyway..I like the pic both u back2back nice...very good photograhper and models!!!Hahaha..looking forward more picture babe...^_^

c h e l said...

Thanks laopo.. its really relaxing sure one day we will go there together