Saturday, August 23, 2008

Makeover by Shu Uemura

Got this chance to have a free makeover, hair-do and photo shoot yesterday, thanks to Julia. Hmmm, how to say, I think the make up is abit too much for me, the me in the photo was so, ermm, doesn't look like me at all. And I looked old as well. However, I think their event was quite successful as in the layout and everything was impressive.

After the photo shooting (which almost gave me a heart attack), I went to the restroom instantly to "erase" some of the makeup. The blusher was too pinkish. The eye shadow, was erm..well, actually I think it's nice, but then doesn't suit me, it may look extremely good on other gals. So I just wiped out some of the eyeshadow and blusher.

I don't have to courage to show the photo while shooted there, will just share some of it after I cleared some of the makeup.

Have stunning eyes after the makeup

I love their foundation, those who know me know my skin are not very nice, but the foundation can even covered up some of my pimples ler, no photoshop at all this picBefore removed my makeup

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Anonymous said...

dun post this kind of photo la.... dun look like u at all....