Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Taman Ayu Cottage

Taman Ayu Cottage, the name of our hotel, while we were staying in Bali. I don't really know where is this hotel located but it is quite isolated from the happening places like Kuta town. The room wasn't very costly and I'm quite happy with the services there. The room also quite nice. The staff there were so friendly.

Balinese architecture


Anonymous said...

why 3 of u got bunga,bernard dun hav 1 ha? get him 1 ma...hahaha...

ohya...babe,I ask around edy...they also said Singapore seldom got haunted hotel..even those with lesser i think any hotel is okie for my babe to stay..^_^

c h e l said...

I have photo of Ber wearing flowers one lor, I tot i sudah upload...will upload again no matter what..haha