Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Decision is Made

A month after I got Kimi home, I've already decided to spay her because I really do not have any intention to breed her. It's very clear in my mind that says spaying her will get less trouble in the future as in I don't have to worry about her mood-swing or other symptoms when she is in heat. And I don't have to worry about other male dogs hanging around my house.

As this is my first time own a dog so I hope everything I do is right, what are the do's and don'ts for doggie. Info on the net is my main source of dog-caring tips. So I've also came across with some basic knowledge of spaying a dog. The more I read, the more I think spaying her is a right decision or I would say, necessary for Kimi.

From the net, I got to know that many veterinarian or other doggie-related associations or organisation discourage us to breed our dogs. Due to many reasons. The very main concern of the world is pet overpopulation is a huge problem now. Talking about U.S. alone, more than 50,000 puppies and kittens are born EACH DAY. Millions of these animals enter America's animal shelters, I guess that is like their SPCA. What's making me more sad is 30 to 60 percent of them have to be put to sleep each year because no one wants them, that is about 4 to 6 million animals (
Link 1). What about the whole global? We don't need THAT much pets, stray dogs everywhere and many other dogs and cats waited to be adopted in our SPCA. I used to think stray dogs and cats are very annoying and hateful, just don't like them. I'm very embarrassed to say that now. Now I feel sympathy for them. Who wants to stray on the street and being disgusted by human. There's one time I saw a stray dog crossing the street, and hit by a car. But the dog can still get up and run to a safe place. It's really sad to see this scene. Can we avoid that to happen?

Other than overpopulation problem, several tragic things can happen to our dogs who are not spayed. Quite often she will develop mammary cancer like breast cancer and uterus cancer in her mid to later life. However, she has a near zero chance of this disease if she is spayed before her first heat (
Link 2). Since then, I'm more determined on my decision to spay Kimi. I don't want her to suffer in the future because of me, as her owner, not spaying her. I brought her home is because I want a companion and love her with all I have. I really don't want to see her sick and suffer. There some other advantages and disadvantages of spaying a dog - Link3, Link4.

One day, I was chatting with my friends, talked about my Kimi, I mentioned that I was thinking to spay her when she reach 6 months old. Their reaction is the same "Har...What? You wanna spay her? Oh no...It's so cruel...". I know what they meant, it's like I'm proscribing her right of having kids and Kimi won't have the chance of being a true woman. I was kinda speechless. I thought of explaining why I decided to spay Kimi but I guess they are not very keen to know why. I guess they think dogs should not be spayed, or at least, let her have first litter, then only spay her. I don't know what about others, but for me, I think that's totally out of my plan. It serves no purpose for me. I don't plan to breed her, and most importantly I wanna prevent Kimi from getting any mammary diseases so I wanna get her spayed before her first heat comes.

I've already made an appointment with the vet to get Kimi spayed on the first of July. She is turning to 6 months old on the 2nd of July. As the date is getting closer, sometimes I feel contradicition in my heart. Am I bring cruel? She has to go through the pain of being cut when she is so young. Not only that, she can't have any children. Well, I don't know what she thinks, does she wants to get pregnant and have kids or she is like some of the independant ladies nowadays, prefer not to have kids. My responsibility is to give consideration for the best of Kimi.

Puppies are cute. I would love Kimi's kids like how I love her IF she has any. But, my rationality telling me, I can't take care of all her kids. Give them to other dog lover or sell them? I can't do that as well. Seperating her kids from her (Kimi) wor, so depressing. I also feel mm se tak la, what more the true mother.

I believe my decision is correct. Actually what I need is more supports from friends and family. Finacially? Haha, ya ya, but I've already got a sponsor. (Thank you Popo!! She likes Kimi alot too).

So two more weeks to go.


Anonymous said...

Babe,u will always get my support!!I will fully support your decision..v love kimi..cheerss!!!

u guess said...

hi darl..i truly support you with this decision. now that i read ur blog, i understand fully about the reason why u wanna spay her. so dont worry k. kimi will understand one.. but dunno how we wanna tell her only.. haha... so no worries.. Dr. Sit will do a good job i believe...

c h e l said...

Thank you all my best frens..