Friday, June 27, 2008

On Your Birthday

25th of June, it's your birthday.

Reading my card, receiving wishes from me.

Enjoying moments together.

You're looking at me...

And I'm looking at you

And who is she looking at...?


Well, do you feel sad for having just one slice of cake?

I guess no... because...

She is always with us...(I'm very sorry about my double chin..)

Wishing you, a very special person on your birthday the best of everything.

May you never be alone to celebrate on this day.

So to You, my darling, Ber Nard,

Making you smile and laugh is my honour.

Making memories together is my pleasure.

Happy Birthday Darling.


u guess said...

thanks so much for this beautiful day. i appreciate the time and memories that we spent together. you made my day!!...hehehe... muaks!!!!!!

u guess said...

the card is also really nice!!!! better than those buy at shop... haha..maybe next time u can sell card...

mouthsky1117 said...

aiyoh.. so cham ..only one piece of cake kah....