Tuesday, June 17, 2008

n Years of Water Supply, Down the Drain

Saturday, 14th of June, 2008. 11am.

Day before 14th of June, we are informed that there will be no water supply from 10am-4pm on Saturday. Reason is SYABAS is going to repair something...I don't know what exaxtly is the reason la actually. But what I saw is wastage of water. Look.

From 11 in the morning

The water just keep SHOOTING OUT nonstop

Don't understand the reason why they need to do this

This continues until around 10pm

We washed our garbage bin there, the pressure is high mah, what stain also come out

n years of my bathing water, drinking water, whatever water, down the drain. My bro used the water to bathe, haha, wash car, wash floor.

Most importantly, no actions was taken after 3 times of calling to PUSPEL customer service.


u guess said...

really damn all these companies... wastage like nobody business.. not efficient at all.. you should take this photo and send to the star.. maybe will earn RM 50 bucks one...

Jellybear said...

this happen to my place as well when someone go complain that the water is murky. but not for that long... just awhile..

Anonymous said...

haha..if i knw, i will bring my garbage bin to ur place too..haha...it is juz too dirty..haha..