Thursday, June 05, 2008

What A Day

I mentioned that bathing for Kimi is not a big deal in the first blog, but this does NOT apply on Go Go. Go Go is my 4 months old mongrel. She has black and shiny hair, looks innocent sometimes, but she is very obedient (but not when she is bathing ok). I guess she is afraid of water, that's why she tends to struggle and escape while we bathe her. Yes, we. One man show can hardly finish the process.

Hi, I'm Go Go, and at the corner one is Mike

My brother is holding and trying to calm her down and I shower her. In the end, it seemed that my brother also just bathed lo, his shirt and pants all wet, haha! So quickly dry her with towel and she got back to her compound with lil' Mike. Two months old Mike is so playful, although his body size is no greater than Go Go, but his MAN spirit really no joke lo. Once Mike sees Go Go he will start "attacking" her, trying to play or kacau her. They would bite each other, but they are just playing with each other, it's just that Mike keep kacau Go Go and Go Go doesn't seem love to entertain him.

Mike no give face

So after bathing session we are getting Go Go to the vet for her second injection. This cute little girl was with us, too. She used to be a small girl who very scared of doggie but she is getting better! And she loves dogs now and her house has a schnauzer.


In the car, Go Go just sat down quietly, maybe she doesn't know where is she heading to, yet. When we reached the entrance on the clinic, she just stopped and refuse to walk in. And this is when my brother become efficient, hold her in his STRONG arms. Go Go is too heavy for me to carry! So everything just goes fine, after a brief check-up by the vet and followed by the injection.

Somemore can take picture tim

Yeah, after injection can go home lo! Get the car key from my bag Car key ler? Inside ah. My instinct told me I left it inside my car, again. This incident happen about 3 months ago. I left my car key in the car in the college. After class, walking to my car, then only I noticed my key is not with me. Well, my car doesn't have any remote to lock, normally we do it manually, with the key. But for lazy people like me, instead of using the key to lock the door, I just use my hand to lock before I close the door. Well, see what happened now. I gotta call back to home so that my family could fetch us the spare key. My brother teased me loudly, maybe he's worried the next time I will do the same thing again. But now I think his intention is to insult me in front of other people, no wonder one uncle kept looking at us just now. So we waited beside the car and took some pictures 'cause too bored.

See, my car key...

Ok ok, blame on me.


Anonymous said...

y u always left the key inside the car ~~!! tak faham .....

bernard said...

second time adey lo darl.. u left key inside again now u remember nicely k. next time if ur in a far far place then it will be a big problem liao. especially when u start working next time. but this blog there is improvement from the first i think u will improve from time to time.. just keep uo the good work. many ppl will support u