Thursday, June 12, 2008

Play Time

This fine day I brought Kimi to my abandoned balcony, let her run "kau kau". Ok, here's the story, whenever I set her free to my garden, she ran like nobody's business. She is really quick! She is faster than Mike, the golden mix. Once her engine is on, I just don't know how to stop her or get her or catch her. So, whenever I let her out from her crate, she must be on leashed or be in my arms.

Yah, I know its kinda sad as she cannot run freely, its like too much constraints to her. Feel badly but the problem is I can't control her on this matter, she runs TOO fast. You might wonder, so what if let her run in the garden, when she get tired that's the time she will come back to me. Erm, my garden is quite a big compound and its kinda bushy. There are times we saw snakes in the outer part of my garden. And even stray dogs could came into my garden because there's a hole found on one of the fence, those normal pagar. What if my Kimi escape from there because this 5 months old girl is too curious about almost everything. Or what if she got bite by snakes...Can't imagine and dare not to take the risk.

So what I'm able to do is bring her to park which is pets friendly, and have other doggies there, socialize with others. Due to the increment on petrol price and also the laziness of Kimi's mami, Kimi didn't get to go to the park so frequent. (Poor thing my Kimi...blame me...).

At times we met Shih Tsu

Or Cocker Spaniel, her name is Princess...

Or Schnauzer. Kimi:" The first he did when he came to me is sniffed my backside oh, mami, why ar?"

So what I really can do now is let her run in the balcony. Run as fast as you like, run as far as you can. Ha ha ha ha, you can't get out from my "finger gap"!!

Watch me run!

I'm free I'm free!

Well, I tried to train her fetch and carry, she has got the potential ler...

Sniff sniff, where is this place ar, dun have my perfume smell one

That's her reward for staying there and let mami take picture

Yeah happy day, but this balcony very dirty, my paws all become black colour lor, luckily mami promised will bathe me afterwards

I fulfilled my promise, after play time, I brought her to the bathroom. Eh, how come no water one...? What happened oh...Cham lor, my girl's legs so dirty how oh...hmmm, there are some water in the pail. Ok la, fast fast bathe nothing one la. The cold water in the pail really gave Kimi a hard time but mami must bathe you (because of the silly promise?? Yes lo, aiya, no la, its because she is really dirty..). I'm so so sorry!!! She is not used to it I guess. I make the bath quick then blow her hair.

So tired...Mami, I don't like cold water...


Anonymous said...

yeah..nice new place to run..but..will she drop down frm there?

c h e l said...

No worries, she is smarter than you..hahaha, cause she knows there isn't "13U" in our mahjong

u know said...

kimi really miss her la now...