Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm sorry, Kimi, you're betrayed

It's a good day to bathe Kimi, so I woke up at almost 3 pm in the afternoon and carried her to my bathroom. For people who doesn't know Kimi, she's my lovely five months old pet dog.

I would say she is a really nice and well-behaved companion, although she may gone insane at some time. See, she isn't like some of the doggies, keep moving and struggling while bathing. I don't have a single problem while "sai bak bak" for her. While I put her in the basin, she just stand still and allow me to start cleaning. People told me she's pretty, even though she is a mixed breed but doesn't affect her cuteness..haha, so proud.

before shower

So she is a maltese mixed silky terrier, she looks like a maltese more. She's white and fluffy, wait...fluffy? Wait till you see this.


Gosh, this picture really gave me a shock, it's even more scary when I see her in real "person"..I'm sorry if it makes you feel discomfort, other boy boy doggie, Kimi is really cute and nice, don't judge her by her "wet" look.

Sorry Kimi, forgive mami k?

After the bath, I cut her fringe, is that called fringe? Hair on the top of her head. The fringe is too long, always block her beautiful eyes, block her eyesight. So her mami DIY her hair cut since had a bad experience in pet shop.

So sleepy after the long bath and hair cut..lying on my bed...half asleep...


Anonymous said...

My poor little kimi..let auntie tell u d moral of d not be so good gal while mami bathing with you..u should run and jump here and that ur mami got no hand to hold it? so please be naugty while mami bathing vit u yaa..hahaha..

bernard said...

very good work mami.. continue to do more for us to read..very interesting to blog about kimi. i am sure many of your friends also wanna learn and hear more from you and kimi.. keep on updating ar...good job!! muaksss

c h e l said...

Auntie Ygrene..mami told me you are very notti oh..

c h e l said...

Hem hem, Mr. Bernard, why called me mami ar, Im not your mami ar, call until so old..

bernard said...

i just called kimi mami only ma..