Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Introducing my nephew

While I was still in my dreamland this morning, I heard voices calling "gu che... gu che.. (姑姐...姑姐...)". Eh? So fast can talk ar, he not even 2 months old. But I know that voice belongs to my mom, don't know since when she becomes my nephew's endorser, somemore the voice so cute lo my mom. So the story is my mom needs a shower and asked me to look after nephew while she is in the bathroom. Can hardly opened my eyes then went to the bathroom. Mom rushed me again so quickly went to her room and lied down beside my nephew.


Cuddled him a bit, then I tried to sleep beside him again. But this little boy is getting smarter day by day, always wants people to carry him walk around. Ok, so carried him and walk a few steps far from the room, talked to him, kiss kiss him, haha, baby's skin is so tender..sounds like a baby eater. Not even 5 minutes, I started to feel my right arm numb dy, har..? So fast? This boy is not even 5kg. I decided to put him on the bed again. As what I expected, he started to cry again, so manja la, haha. But I can't hold him again, at least needs few minutes rest, and lucky enough, my mom walked out from the bathroom.

Relief. So I lied beside Zac and start chit-chatting with my mom. Suddenly, I felt heat came from my right hips, when I touched it and its surrounding, and I know Zac has wee wee on the bed...His pee quite alot lo wei, can transfer to my pants somemore. So my mom changed his nappy, and very soon she said she wanna read newspaper. So Zac was again in my arms. I carried him to the living room, watch tv while half talking to him. Again, I felt the Heat!! The second time he pee on me...changed another pants in within 15 minutes. I guess today I can buy number at sportstoto or magnum or damacai dy. So lucky wei.

Afterall, this cute lil' boy is still the precious and heart of this family. *meltz*


mouthsky1117 said...

this baby Zac like to "pour tea" for ”姑姐“。 Two big cup summore.


c h e l said...

Haha, pour tea, so creative..Wah baby so pandai, so young know how to pour tea liao...

Anonymous said...

u 2 so mo liao ah u report more on fish chai la